The true objectives of industrial security are profit productivity and industrial safety using trained security guards. Security is a must for ensuring a safe and serene atmosphere for the workers as well as the customers. No matter how big or small is the firm, industrial safety is very necessary for its growth. The role of security staff is very large. They have to be prepared to face any kind of emergency situations and external attacks. The major elements of an effective security guarding are the knowledge and skills, and personal characteristics.

Ambassador Security and Detective Service guarantee the overall security of their clients with little compromises. We enforce researching and developing the latest technology to bring the most effective security systems to the building site scenario. Ambassador Security and Detective Service provide talented and trained security guards who put their utmost effort to ensure the continuous security and safety of the establishment. Ambassador Security and Detective Service provides security guarding services mainly at Cochin, Trivandrum, Malappuram , Calicut, Chennai, Kottayam, Coimbatore and Bangalore and we are also  capable to provide security guards to any part of India.

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